Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No points for Zellers

No points for Zellers
Just back from another special shopping experience at the Zellers store in Hawkesbury.This time I got the double treatment -- the item did not scan and the surly cashier essentially told me that it was my fault.The funny thing is that for a store that offers shoddy service, it is constantly seeking shopper input."Tell us how we did today," reads the message at the bottom of the sales slip, which will become a souvenir because this has been -- as God is my witness -- the last time I have shopped at this sorry outlet."How are we doing?" is the query on the customer form. I took two because I had plenty of time on my hands as I awaited for the elusive price check to come.My fault: I am of those few remaining consumers who believe in shopping locally. So, despite past horror stories, I continue to shop at the local Zellers, rather than shopping online or travelling to the Wal-Mart in Lachute.Tuesday, after work, in search of a Bar Mitzvah card in Hawkesbury, the most Gentilest of communities in Ontario! Oy! But I am an optimist.Of course there are no Jewish-specific cards but I come across a generic celebratory card that might suffice, or could be used for another occasion, like when I get some human-like feedback from Zellers.I also picked up a bag of snacks, which I could have devoured while waiting at the cash.During my 15-minute wait at the caisse, the person who apparently was employed by Zellers to take my money never actually looked at me. I checked my nose for dripping snot, my ears for oozing blood, my eyes for puss...OK I may be hideous, but I am not an animal.At 5:30 p.m., the person who ignored me made that familiar gesture that stops the hearts of loyal Zellers customers across Canada. Yes, she reached for the phone and said something unintelligble. No, God! Not the price check!So, stupid me, I waited while the "cashier" continued to ignore me and chatted with another "cashier" who did not seem pleased because the three other customers in the store had been referred to her cash because I was holding up the other cash that was open.At 5:40 p.m., I get the attention of my "cashier" and beg her to just forget about the card, which was clearly marked at $1.20 but would not scan because Mars was not properly aligned with Venus, or something like that.I think she said something to the effect: But he has gone for a price check!Me: That was 10 minutes ago.(I feared I was going to be late for the Bar Mitzvah, which was on Saturday.)Could The One Who Ignores Customers please cancel the price check?"Cancellez!" she bellowed so the whole store could hear her.I said thanks. She shoved the sales slip into the plastic Zellers bag. I felt like apologizing for ruining her otherwise perfect life.I am not going to fill out the customer forms because my input may actually help Zellers.The best thing about this experience is that now I can honestly say that I tried to support local businesses, and they obviously don't want my business.Wall-Mart, here I come!!
The best thing about this experience is that now I can honestly say that I tried to support local businesses, and they obviously don't want my business.

Wall-Mart, here I come!!


Ronna said...

Been there, done that! Hey, wait a minute, I think you were with me on those occasions as well. You are the eternal optimist, eh?

Anonymous said...

I haven't shopped in Zellers since I lived in Montreal... Now I remember why!

Why Oxbow? said...

Wait! I want a picture of Zeller's!

Anonymous said...

maybe you shouldn't have waited until the last minute to buy a card! Then you wouldn't have been in such a hurry and frustrated. Love your ignorance of the retail industry! :)

Knatolee said...

Good grief, I actually set foot in that VERY Zellers last Wednesday. Fortunately I didn't need to buy anything!! Now that I am warned, I will stay well away. We live closer to the Zellers in Cornwall anyway, where I have not yet had a horrific experience (but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.)