Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cool harvest

I took this shot about a week ago. It is a glimpse of a huge corn field beside my house. It is not my crop, but I know it well. I have watched the snow recede from the land, the spring seeding, the late spring sprouting, and the mid-summer spurt when the deep green stalks were knee high by the Fourth of July. I watched it tassel and when the raccoons started their late-night raids, I knew the corn was mature. I watched the sun rise and set on this stand as it turned from green to gold. Only a few days ago, snow covered the corn. But Mother Nature, in her own way, smiled, and the snow left for a few days enabling the harvest of these stalks which yielded countless bushels of corn. Combines worked non-stop on the frozen ground, bringing in tonnes of corn. The field is now bare, awaiting the snow.
So, what do you think? Too wordy?

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Ronna said...

Oh Hon, I could listen to you go on and on. Wait a minute...