Thursday, March 5, 2009

A screened shot

The newest fixture at rinks is the mesh, designed to protect spectators from flying pucks. The mesh is there, even though at most minor hockey levels, the chance of a puck getting over the protective glass around the boards is very remote.

Makes you wonder how we old farts survived the old days, when we wore little protective equipment and the fans were exposed to the dangers of watching a game, with an unscreened view.


Why Oxbow? said...

I remember Gump Worsley playing for the Minnesota Northstars when I lived out there. Old Gump finally started wearing a mask, but it took a lot to get him there. College players had to wear helmets, but they wouldn't have stopped anything. Now kids have to wear helmets to ride a scooter. What the? I guess when this cohort of kids grows up their parents will outlaw chainsaws for cimanee sake.

Newsman said...

Bein oui,
There is actually a movement afoot in some cities to force all children to wear helmets whenever they exit their homes.
In some towns, toboggan hills have been shut out of fear of someone getting a bo-bo and his or her parents launching a lawsuit.