Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rat Patrol

Have just returned from a tour of duty with the Rat Patrol, an elite two-member corps of poorly-trained and squeamish rural denizens, on the look-out for vermin, of the worst sorts.
Armed with shovels, rakes, poison, a wheelbarrow, and that versatile household weapon -- a box of aluminum foil -- we have secured the perimeter, to the best of our knowledge.
However, our satisfaction with a job well done is tempered by the sinking feeling that we may have caused collateral damage, and a gang of chipmunks may now be now plotting a counterstrike.
Does anyone in the virtual world have a surefire, bottom-up, green solution to rats?
(Any jokes about politicians do not count.)
Over and out.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the chipmunks are not collateral damage, but brave and noble soldiers... we'll wait for the miniseries

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you flattened the rats and pasted them on trading-card-sized peices of cardboard you would be able to dispose of them once a month in a frenzied session at the Dunvegan Board of Trade....